Breathing Techniques for Reducing Stress and Increasing Focus

Did you know breathing correctly can actually increase your focus? It’s true! When breathing, there are three different types of breathing patterns: normal breathing, reverse breathing, and relaxed breathing. Normal breathing is typically what we start with when we first take a breath as newborns. With this breathing pattern the stomach goes in and out with each breath. Reverse breathing is just like it sounds; it’s when the belly moves in on the inhale and out on the exhale (opposite of normal breathing). Relaxed breathing typically takes place when you’re asleep or doing yoga or another form of meditating. With this breathing pattern, the stomach moves in on the inhale and out on the long exhale, just like normal breathing.

To view more detailed instructions check out these breathing techniques:

1. Normal breathing – Start by sitting up straight with your hands on your knees or place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. As you breath in through your nose say ‘inhale’ in your head, feel your belly start to rise as you fill up with air, hold it for a second or two, then slowly let it out of your mouth as you say ‘exhale ‘ in your head. Repeat this breathing pattern 10 times.

2. Reverse breathing – Start by sitting up straight with your hands on your knees or place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. As you breath in through your nose say ‘inhale’ in your head, feel your belly go out as you fill up with air, hold it for a second or two, then slowly let it out of your mouth as you say ‘exhale’ in your head. Repeat this breathing pattern 10 times.

3. Relaxed breathing – This is very similar to normal breathing but instead of breathing rapidly like before try breathing slower and deeper; inhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 2 seconds, exhaling for 6 seconds. Repeat this breathing pattern for 10 times.

Now that you know different breathing techniques, try one of them the next time you’re feeling stressed or know that it’s going to be a busy day. It’ll help reduce your stress and increase your focus! Breathing correctly might seem like a small change but it can make a big difference in your productivity.

How to breathe during sporting activity

When you’re breathing during a sporting activity, it’s important to take large breaths with your mouth open. This will help with breathing and getting rid of carbon dioxide. It’s also helpful to take deep breaths while breathing through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. Lastly, breathing deeply will increase the amount of air in your lungs and slow your heart rate down which will give you more stamina and energy during the game.

For those who are trying to avoid breathing incorrectly during a run, it’s important that breathing should go from the nose and mouth. This will provide air to your lungs as you’re breathing. The breathing should be light and slow as you’re breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. Remember this breathing process for next time, and see if it increases the amount of air you take in.

Additionally, if you notice yourself feeling short of breath or tired during a run, make sure you stop running and take a deep breath every now and then. Engaging in outdoor physical activity can be great for overall health, but there can also be some risks associated with it that people might not have been aware of. For example, breathing properly can be important when it comes to running or any other form of outdoor activities.
How breathing techniques help sports performance

Does breathing during a run have anything to do with your performance? Yes, it actually does. There are breathing techniques that you should use when it comes to physical activities so that your body is in its optimal state and you can perform at your best.

People who are not breathing in the correct way tend to suffer from fatigue much sooner than those who have learned how to breathe correctly. That’s because breathing incorrectly means breathing more shallowly and this results in lower levels of oxygen getting into the system which decreases stamina and energy, leading to decreased performance overall. On the other hand, breathing deeply fills up lungs with more oxygen, creating a better breathing system that results in better breathing techniques and breathing patterns.

Breathing for relaxation purposes

Here’s some breathing techniques and breathing tips you can use to relax

– Breathe in very slowly through your nose while keeping your mouth closed and push all the air out of your lungs by contracting every muscle in your body at once (including facial muscles). Repeat three times. – Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 2 seconds, then exhale through your mouth for 6 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times until you feel relaxed. – Concentrate on each breath as you breathe in and out from the diaphragm area which will help you stay focused.

Gift Hampers – Industry-Shaping Trends

A world without gift hampers is unimaginable for many people. I mean, how would they present gifts to their clients, associates, employers or employees? Over the years, people have been coming up with new ideas so as to satisfy the growing need for better and well-presented gifts. According to statistics, the industry is worth billions of dollars and has huge potential for growth. Nonetheless, unless you stay abreast with the latest trends, you are more-likely not to enjoy the growth. Some of the top trends in 2016 are as follows:

Going Green
The modern world has decided to go “Green.” People are doing away with methods that harm to the environment and instead are embracing ideas that are environmental-friendly. For instance, rather than going go synthetic gift baskets, they are opting for types made from natural materials such as bamboo, papyrus reed, and recycled wood among other materials. Such materials have no negative effects to the environment and are made from re-usable materials. As a service provider, you therefore need to ensure the hampers are friendly to both the environment as well as user.

Custom Design
Today’s customers prefer sending and receiving gifts that bring out a more-personal appeal. They want the recipient to associate the product with his/her personality or a specific thing that happened. To achieve this, top companies are more focused on providing hampers that have been customized for the specific application. This entails understanding the need at hand as well as individual preferences. Although custom-made hampers may cost more than the ordinary item, they offer more satisfaction. To see custom design hampers visit hamper creations christmas hampers one of the major online hamper retailers in Australia

Online Store
The traditional gift store is gradually being replaced by online stores. This is encouraged by the improved technology that has made it easy to ship products to any part of the world. An owner of the traditional brick-and-mortar gift shop stands to gain more if he also opened an online store. By using apps and other mobile-friendly technology, customers are able to place orders online from anywhere. In addition to changing with the times, the cost of operating such a store is lower than a physical store.

Swapping Gifts

Although not a new concept, many providers have never embraced the concept of swapping gift baskets or hampers. However, according to statistics, pre-designed hampers rule the market and account for as much as 70% of all orders. Usually, the hampers will be suited for a range of applications but will only be used once. Considering it may contain several items, some gifts will still remain intact. By allowing people to swap their old gift baskets with new ones, a business stands to make more sales.

There you have it- Top trends that are re-shaping the gift industry. Although it may seem like a basic activity, presenting and delivering gift is part-and-parcel of the modern world. Your customers, clients, friends, associates and other people will expect a well-presented item. However, unless you know what is popular in the market, you may end up embarrassing yourself or even not making the recipient happy. The best way to avoid such situations is making sure the gift hampers and design are in trend.

Getting Cheap Airport Parking

Airport parking can work out as an economical as well as hassle-free route, and the earlier you book the parking, the more you are likely to save. It is important therefore not to just turn up at the airport but book first so that you avoid disappointment.

The parking prices may be expensive especially when you drive in, park and then pay. You will usually save when you get on the web then book first. You can also find cheap parking by using the special comparison websites which search the web and find you the best deals.

When you are looking to find parking near Melbourne airport, stay away from the main terminal car park as they will gouge you on prices.The Benefits of using options in the Tullamarine precinct of Melbourne are:

> Ensures that you maintain your freedom, you can therefore drive yourself to the airport parking and this guarantees that you stay in control of your arrival time instead of relying on another individual to get you to the airport in time. Once you get back from your trip, you can simply pick your car and head home, without the hassle of waiting for anyone to pick you.

> The facility also offers great security as guards monitor the parking all day and all night. People are also not allowed to wander around the car park. This is therefore a good choice for travelers who do not have any garage at home for safe storage. If you decide to park on the street or in any other parking lot, your car may be broken into. You therefore want to be sure that where you have parked your vehicle is safe from vandalism and theft while you are away. An airport parking is also secure because it has a CCTV as well as gated access.

> You are also able to save money by not using the high cost taxis and private van services. The parking is also affordable and is cheaper than any other private parking that are offered.

> The proximity regarding the cheap airport parking spots is an advantage to a traveler. Therefore, when you use the facilities, you have the freedom to park closer to your gate of departure so that you will not need to walk far. Choosing a place that is far can be problematic especially if you are struggling with heavy luggage.

> Pre-booking your airport parking is important because you will know that you have a space waiting for you, therefore you will not run into the unfortunate issue of lack of a parking space when you come to the airport.

There are different types of parking which are:

1. Off-airport

These are off-site car parks which are usually situated near the airport complex. This type of parking is normally some distance away from the terminal.

2. On-site
These are the car parks that are located at the airport itself. This type of parking ensures that you are closer to the terminal.


This is the quickest method of parking as all you do is arrive at the terminal where a representative will meet you and drive your car to a secure area. This leaves you free to check in straight away.

However finding cheap airport parking in Melbourne can be challenging because it is in high demand. Accidents, traffic jams as well as road works can slow you down and therefore cause you to miss your flight, most of the parking spaces may also be full and you may have to wait for many hours for someone to leave so that you park your car.