Gift Hampers – Industry-Shaping Trends

A world without gift hampers is unimaginable for many people. I mean, how would they present gifts to their clients, associates, employers or employees? Over the years, people have been coming up with new ideas so as to satisfy the growing need for better and well-presented gifts. According to statistics, the industry is worth billions of dollars and has huge potential for growth. Nonetheless, unless you stay abreast with the latest trends, you are more-likely not to enjoy the growth. Some of the top trends in 2016 are as follows:

Going Green
The modern world has decided to go “Green.” People are doing away with methods that harm to the environment and instead are embracing ideas that are environmental-friendly. For instance, rather than going go synthetic gift baskets, they are opting for types made from natural materials such as bamboo, papyrus reed, and recycled wood among other materials. Such materials have no negative effects to the environment and are made from re-usable materials. As a service provider, you therefore need to ensure the hampers are friendly to both the environment as well as user.

Custom Design
Today’s customers prefer sending and receiving gifts that bring out a more-personal appeal. They want the recipient to associate the product with his/her personality or a specific thing that happened. To achieve this, top companies are more focused on providing hampers that have been customized for the specific application. This entails understanding the need at hand as well as individual preferences. Although custom-made hampers may cost more than the ordinary item, they offer more satisfaction. To see custom design hampers visit hamper creations christmas hampers one of the major online hamper retailers in Australia

Online Store
The traditional gift store is gradually being replaced by online stores. This is encouraged by the improved technology that has made it easy to ship products to any part of the world. An owner of the traditional brick-and-mortar gift shop stands to gain more if he also opened an online store. By using apps and other mobile-friendly technology, customers are able to place orders online from anywhere. In addition to changing with the times, the cost of operating such a store is lower than a physical store.

Swapping Gifts

Although not a new concept, many providers have never embraced the concept of swapping gift baskets or hampers. However, according to statistics, pre-designed hampers rule the market and account for as much as 70% of all orders. Usually, the hampers will be suited for a range of applications but will only be used once. Considering it may contain several items, some gifts will still remain intact. By allowing people to swap their old gift baskets with new ones, a business stands to make more sales.

There you have it- Top trends that are re-shaping the gift industry. Although it may seem like a basic activity, presenting and delivering gift is part-and-parcel of the modern world. Your customers, clients, friends, associates and other people will expect a well-presented item. However, unless you know what is popular in the market, you may end up embarrassing yourself or even not making the recipient happy. The best way to avoid such situations is making sure the gift hampers and design are in trend.